Is the tonneau cover canvas or vinyl?

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We only use the best quality products on our campers being canvas , using canvas ensures a better water / dust proofing as vinyl will break down and go brittle after a period of time from the heat and UV rays from the sun.

Why is a Johnno’s Camper Trailer so much more expensive than other imported brands ?

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Bottom line – you get what you pay for.

Johnno’s Campers are a fully Australian Made Camper Trailer ‘purpose built’ for our conditions with Australian Made Products and built by Australians right here.

Our long heritage in the hire & sales industry ensures that our customers are buying a tried and tested product used by Australians all […]

How easy is a Johnno’s Camper to set-up?

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I have spoken to a few different people and they tell me a ‘hard floor’ camper trailer is a lot easier to set up than a ‘soft floor’ camper trailer?

Well.. a Johnno’s Camper is extremely user friendly and why our Campers are so well known in the Soft Floor camper trailer sales & hire industry. […]