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Metalian MAXI

Metalian camper trailers are renowned as the best of the best in South Africa due to the unparalleled engineering and CAD design work that goes into the Metalian’s unique monocoque design. It’s easy to see why Metalian trailers have such a good track record in South Africa, Europe, USA, NZ  and now Australia.

Metalian camper trailers are a true monocoque (Unibody) design, which is unique in the Australian market. The monocoque design produces the largest storage capacity from any camper of the same dimensions (over 2800L).  Another unique aspect of the Metalians are the fact that they are fully constructed from 3CR12 Stainless Steel. A Metalian Maxi built on this unique design combined with the strength of the 3CR12 steel weighs in at only 960kg fully optioned! Or just 523kg Dry.

Combining unparalleled design and construction with Australian off-road components from AlKo we are confident that the Metalian can match the best the competition can offer – at a much more competitive price.

Some of the prime drivers for the design of the Australian version of the Metalian are:

  1. The lightest trailer on the Australian market for the useable storage space
  2. No compromise on the strength and off-road ability of the Metalian
  3. Should anything go wrong in the Outback – the ability to obtain replacement parts in remote areas
  4. With most of the Australian population living in coastal areas, a product that is 100 times more rust resistant than mild steel

We believe that we have achieved all of the above – at a cost that is thousands of dollars cheaper than the competition for a similar top quality product.

* Now Includes New Upgraded Australian Tent
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The Metalian comes in three standard colours – white, bronze or green – with any other external colour available at an additional cost of $500. All Metalians come standard with a polyurethane underbody protective coating.
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